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Charles Manson to Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

For his contributions in music? Charlie?

For his contributions in music? Charlie?

Most people seem to associate the name Charles Manson with labels like serial killer and hippie cult leader, but very few think of the long-time prison inmate and notorious American outlaw as an accomplished musician. Until now. Manson will be inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to the music industry.

The move to induct Manson into a prestigious group including high-profile musicians such as Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra is sure to be a controversial one by the Walk of Fame committee. The Hollywood Walk of Fame press representative tried to shed light on the board’s decision to include Charles Manson as a celebrity worthy of being honored.

“We understand there will be some blowback from our decision to include Charles Manson in Hollywood’s prestigious Walk of Fame, but Charlie is a musician first and foremost, and he spent of a lot of time here in Hollywood.” She further reiterated: “We just don’t want to miss anyone who greatly contributed to the music scene in Hollywood, in America, and throughout the world.”

It is largely known that Manson spent a lot of time in the 60s living with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, and Charlie even wrote a song which the band later stole and failed to give the up-and-coming singer songwriter credit. The song, originally called “Cease to Exist“, had its title changed to “Never Learn Not to Love” and was included on the Beach Boys’ 20/20 album.

But Charles Manson? Does he really deserve his own star?

“Many people will ask what contributions to music did Charles Manson make,” said the press rep, “and if it’s proper to include someone like Manson into Hollywood’s greatest, but it should be known that Manson had true music ability and much of his work was stolen or downplayed, especially after the Tate-LaBianca murders.” She also commented that, “…the Walk of Fame does not have an opinion on the criminal side of Manson. We are not here to look at that. That is not our job. Manson has served his time in jail and continues to do so. We are looking at his contributions to art. To Hollywood. To music.”

Manson’s pink and gold-trimmed star will be placed on Vine Street, between Sunset and Hollywood.

The honored celebrity has always been required to appear in person at the special inductee ceremony where his or her star was being placed, but the board will waive the rules for Manson. “We don’t expect Corcoran State Prison to let Charlie attend his ceremony in Hollywood, and we’ve heard that he wouldn’t be interested in coming even if he was allowed. This is a unique circumstance, and this is the only time we will bend the rules of the Walk of Fame ceremony.”

To judge for yourself whether or not Charles Manson deserves a star on the Walk of Fame, you can listen to his music here:

Look at your game girl

Eyes of a dreamer

Brother gun


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