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Goldman Sachs CEO To Play Guitar At Homeless Shelters

Blankfein on far right

NEW YORK — Lloyd Blankfiend, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, is set to play acoustic music at homeless shelters across America in order to ‘give back’ to those he helped to financially destroy.

“I just want to give back,” Blankfiend said to AP today. “I know my company may have had at least an indirect cause in making financial hardship for the folks on Main Street. I recognize that, and I’m sad that people don’t think I do.”

Blankfiend is notorious for taking home multi-million dollar bonuses from Goldman Sachs.

“I didn’t take home as much money this year, but I’m not despairing,” he said. “Instead, I’m going to make up for it by playing my guitar at homeless shelters around America.”

Why homeless shelters?

“There are folks that have lost their home due to this financial meltdown. And since my company was there, betting during the meltdown, I feel slightly responsible for this disaster. I’m pretty good at the guitar. I like to play Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan.”

Blankfiend’s guitar plays Guthrie and Dylan? It seems impossible.

“Oh, she’ll play anything I set my mind to,” he says, laughing. “That guitar, she really sings.”

How many homeless shelters, and are you sure you’re wanted there?

“Everybody likes good music. And I’ll take it to as many shelters as I can manage. My energy level will be the highest deciding factor. I’m getting old. Other than that, I’ll play with blisters on my fingers, if I have to.”

Are you looking forward to seeing the faces of children brighten at the shelters when they hear you singing and playing guitar?

“I cannot wait. To see loving, hard-working single mothers, with two, three, four children, living at a cozy little shelter, in from the cold, welcoming a little folk music, may very well bring tears to my eyes.”

Blankfiend said he simply cannot wait to get out there and play some jams.

See Lloyd Blankfiend, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, at a homeless shelter near you, going out on his ‘Giving Back’ tour.


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