Drone Loaded with Food Instead of Bombs Still Baffles CIA

Usually they fire missiles

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon and CIA are still baffled tonight over how a Predator B drone was accidentally loaded with freeze dried military food (Meal, Ready-To-Eat, MREs) instead of Hellfire missiles. The drone had been on a bombing mission over Pakistan when the mistake was noticed.

“We flew the drone out on a bomb run to take out an apartment complex housing two suspected terrorists,” an anonymous military official said, “but when she dropped her explosives we noticed MREs falling instead.”

The official would not reveal his name because he said the Pentagon did not want news of this incident getting out to the public. “This is serious,” he said, “because if Americans realized our military could be using predator drones to drop food packets instead of bombs and missiles on impoverished people, they might begin to prefer that sometime down the road.”

The suspected insurgents were not injured, but one civilian standing outside the apartment building sustained serious head injuries.

The official was confident the mistake would not happen again. “We’ve got our best people looking into how this could have happened.”


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