Christopher Dorner’s Remains Handcuffed, Beaten, & Stuffed In Back of LAPD Cruiser

A grisly scene: Dorner's remains strapped in back of LAPD cruiser

A grisly scene: Dorner’s remains strapped in back of LAPD cruiser

BIG BEAR — Ex-cop and fugitive Christopher Dorner most likely took his own life with a single, self-inflicted gunshot to the head, but officers on the scene were still eager to handcuff his scorched wrists, kick him in his blackened ribs, and call him nigger as they hauled him back to Los Angeles county in the back of a police cruiser, say sources within the LAPD.

After the smoldering Big Bear cabin cooled down, sources say the LAPD officers on the scene seemed to forget they were dealing with a charred corpse.

“One officer stomped on his back. Another kicked him in the skull. A commander pulled out his nightstick and wailed on Dorner’s remains until he tired of it. Two deputies read Dorner his rights and cuffed his wrists behind his back so tight he would have been in excruciating pain had he been alive,” said another officer who had been at the scene, but wishes to remain anonymous because the investigation is still ongoing.

“The whole thing felt anti-climatic, anyway,” he said. “Of course there was the standoff with us and the Riverside police department, and there was the burning building, but the fact that we didn’t get to bust this guy up while he was living was too much for a lot of us on the force to bear.

“Basically, the officers need this sort of thing for closure,” he continued. “I, personally, was against burning it down,” he said of the cabin where Dorner was chased into and holed-up. “I knew that would be disastrous for the psyches of the officers out there.”

From Big Bear to downtown Los Angeles, residents stood beside the road to get a glimpse of Dorner’s remains shackled in the cruiser’s backseat. One resident said after watching twenty-four hours of straight Dorner coverage on CNN, he just had to see the guy in person, even if he was just an overcooked shell of the real man.

Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa welcomed his officers when they returned to City Hall. He too was eager to see Dorner handcuffed. “Justice has been served,” he said as officers dragged Dorner’s remains up the concrete steps for a photo shoot.

George Armitage, the director of the upcoming Dorner-inspired movie, was hesitant to comment on the report, but he did say it wouldn’t make it into his Hollywood thriller. The movie, as-of-yet without a release date, is set to feature Ice Cube as Dorner.


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