Spectator At Benghazi Testimony Chokes on Hotdog, Questions About Standards & Security Loom

Did the congressional committee security staff allow a hot dog into the chamber?

Did the congressional committee security staff allow a hot dog into the chamber?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – There has been no shortage of mainstream media coverage about today’s Benghazi testimonies by state department officials who gathered before a Congressional committee and gave their accounts of what happened that fateful September 11th day last year, when Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed, but how a young man sneaked a hot dog into the chamber and choked on it has largely been ignored by major news outlets.

Some claim the Congressional committee’s security staff have covered up the dramatic scene in order to avoid what some would call lax execution of normally high standards and security during a government hearing.

How did a hot dog sneak into the Benghazi hearing? Internet sleuths are asking on forums and in critical blog posts. And why did the young man, presumably not unfamiliar with the act of properly and safely eating a hot dog, happen to choke on it? Was he under pressure to finish it quickly?

According to witnesses, all who wish to remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation by desperate members of Congressional security who might fear for their jobs, the young man didn’t bring attention to himself until he was on the floor, between the seats in the last row of the chamber.

“He made gurgling noises, clutched his throat, and by the time a security staffer came to him, he’d gone silent. His face was blue, and he had ketchup smeared on his cheeks,” said a middle-aged woman wearing a pink blazer with golden trim. “There isn’t supposed to be any food or drink allowed in the chamber,” she continued, “yet this man had a hot dog with all the trappings. Ketchup, mustard, horseradish, and even little bits of chopped onions.”

Another man who claims to have been sitting just two seats away from the hot dog eater, told reporters he felt the young man had “an in” with the security staff, and that somebody surely let him into the chamber with the contraband. “That hot dog was allowed to be snuck in from the outside, and now nobody wants to take responsibility for it,” he said, smoothing his bushy mustache with a thumb and forefinger.

The hearing didn’t stop.  The committee, or those testifying didn’t know there was anything going on in the back row, especially since this was about the time when Gregory N. Hicks, who had been the State Department’s Deputy Chief of Mission, told the committee that a second team of security forces personnel were furious that they were not allowed to help secure the airport before the second round of attacks began.

“The[security staff] thought they could just haul his body on out of here and nobody would make a peep,” he said. “Well, they’re wrong. It’s all fun and games to bend the rules for your friends and take your duties seriously until somebody chokes. Then, nobody wants to stand up and say it was his fault.”

Early reports have suggested the young man succumbed to the chunk of hotdog stuck in his throat, but so far none of the alternative websites have offered substantial proof.


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