Obama & Hooded Teenager Appear to Zimmerman Protesters, Urge Calm


Most people seem to think technology is developing faster than we could have ever expected, but few have witnessed such an unbelievably spectacular technological feat as the Trayvon Martin protesters did in Leimert Park on Tuesday evening. They certainly didn’t think they’d be seeing the president that night, but did they?

The protesters held signs denouncing the acquittal of George Zimmerman as they demanded justice for Trayvon. Would the LAPD really crack down that night, as they’d promised to after demonstrations got out of hand on Crenshaw Boulevard the night before? Would some protesters become violent and storm a local Walmart store again that night? Nobody knew what would happen, but what did take place next nobody could have predicted.

“Suddenly, like so suddenly Obama appeared,” Gabby Donford said, as she held a sign with George Zimmerman’s face on it. Beneath the image, the sign read Wanted Dead or Alive with the last word crossed out. She also wore a shirt with a giant picture of Trayvon Martin’s face on it. “He was standing before us. It was unbelievable. He looked so real.”

Unbelievably, none of the protesters were able to get pictures of videos of the event. Despite the claims of many who said they had actually yanked their smartphones from their pockets and begun taping or snapping photos, the images or video turned out blank.

Like he wasn’t even there,” Derrick Graffon said, “but he was there, because we all saw him.”

What happened next was even more magical. A teenager appeared next to the president. “He was wearing a hoodie,” Gabby said, not about the president, who was armed in his usually impeccable suit, but the teenager. “When he lifted his hood, it was him,” she said, and pointed to her shirt.

The few dozen protesters fell to their knees in awe and waited for the president to speak.

“Look,” the president said, “let’s all be peaceful.” He jammed his hands into his pockets and continued, “If I had a son, which I don’t, I can assure you, but had I conceived a male child, he’d look like this young man.”

Before anybody could respond, the president and the teenager were gone. Protesters whipped their necks back and forth searching for the president. Where had he come from? Why didn’t he have any Secret Service agents with him? Where had he run off to?

As the protesters sat and talked about the experience, the holographic performance of Tupac was mentioned. The president looked eerily similar to the dancing, gyrating, rapping image of Tupac as he performed on the stage at Coachella in 2012 with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

“Cool trick,” Gabby said, clapping. She had tears in her eyes. “But who did that? The president, or somebody else?”

“The LAPD did it,” said another protester who refused to give his name. “They don’t want us to show our rage at the verdict, so they made it look like the president had come to talk to us. Did they think we’d believe that phony BS?”


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